Diane Marquart Moore

illustrated by Paul Schexnayder

Tall as a giant, 13-year-old Petite Marie Melancon is hired by Maxwell I. Discover, the New York publisher of Kurrent Komics, to be the heroine of adventures for The Kajun Kween comic strip.  The action focuses on Petite's misadventures not far from her home in the Chenier Country of south Louisiana. 

Print: ISBN 978-0965097710, 103 pages, Middle-grade, 2005. $16.00 BUY NOW


Diane Marquart Moore

Twelve-year old Martin Romero inherits the ability to heal certain illnesses through his Grandmother Eulalie. Martin's problems are set into motion by a hurricane and the acquaintance of Tim, abandoned at an evacuation center. Tim's abusive father is an African American voodooienne.  Martin brings Tim to his home for care and becomes fascinated by voodoo, which begins to hinder Martin's healing abilities. Tim's father becomes a menace, threatening the lives of Tim, Martin and Renee, Martin's girlfriend. The book incorporates the history and culture of both Chitimacha Native Americans and Cajun healing traditions.

Print: ISBN 978-0965097758, 146 pages, Middle-grade, 2008, $15.95 BUY NOW, Kindle $2.99 BUY NOW.


Diane Marquart Moore

Several of Martin Romero’s Chitimacha and Cajun ancestors were traiteurs or healers. One had even been murdered because of this special gift of healing. In this story for young adult readers, Martin’s Grandmother Eulalie tells him he has the gift to heal and he must learn to use it wisely. Set along Bayou Teche in south Louisiana, the story weaves Martin’s school life, where he learns to be proud of his heritage, with a troubled home life. A pirogue race tests Martin’s belief in himself. This coming of age story draws from contemporary life and the rich culture of the Teche area

Hardback: ISBN 978-1884725142, 104 pages, 1995. (Blue Heron Press) BUY NOW

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Margaret Simon

Ever since a hurricane sent a water oak through the roof of Pawpee’s house crippling her grandfather, Blessen has lived with her mother, and grandfather Pawpee in a FEMA trailer. An accident involving her pet chicken, Blue, pushes Blessen into discoveries about faith, death, and her heritage.

Print: ISBN 978-0984891528, 120 pages. Middle-grade, 2012. $15. BUY NOW

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Diane Marquart Moore

Martin Romero, the young Cajun traiteur (healer) visits Isle de Jean Charles, a remote Biloxi-Chitimacha Indian village on the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. There he finds his Great Uncle Joe barricaded in his cabin unwilling to move to higher ground. While tending his uncle, an oil rig explodes followed by a hurricane strike, which further endangers surrounding marshes and the island. Braving the heavy, threatening storm and its aftermath, Martin and his girlfriend Renee, and new island friend, Samantha, take part helping the coastal village people that have already weathered too many disasters.

Print: ISBN 978-0984891573, 180 pages. YA, 2013. $15. BUY NOW

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Diane Marquart Moore

A fictional account of the founding of New Iberia, Louisiana by the Malaguenos in 1779 during the time of a devastating flood. Seventeen-year-old Antonio Romero migrates with his family and other settlers from Malaga, Spain. The family is assailed by hardships: flooding of their home site, disease, poisonous snake bites, crop failure, kidnapping, and family breakups. The befriend nearby Chitimacha tribesmen who save them many times. Antonio and his mother travel by keelboat to New Orleans where they develop smallpox.

Print: ISBN 978-0965097741, 110 pages. Middle-grade, 2008. $14.95. BUY NOW

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