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A Sesquicentennial Commemorative, 1861-2011

Morris Raphael

This book is a compilation of human-interest stories and historical accounts of the Civil War as fought in the bayou country of Louisiana, a part of Acadiana, where Yankees and Rebels roamed the countryside and fought in bloody encounters. The stories were extracted from The Official Records of the U.S. Government, regimental histories, works of several authors, diaries and letters of soldiers, and reminiscences of others. Raphael has expertly molded historical reports into readable form. Publication of this book coincides with the Sesquicentennial – the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, which was declared on April 12, 1861.

Print: ISBN 978-0984315048, 222 pages, 2011. $19.95 BUY NOW



A Georgia Wiregrass Pioneer Woman’s Tragedy

Victoria I. Sullivan

Fifty letters from Pearle Roberts King written from Frostproof, Florida during a span of 15 years from 1914 until 1929 were transcribed and country-isms translated by her granddaughter. Twenty-five of the letters were to her husband who was quarantined with tuberculosis in his native south Georgia.

Print: ISBN 978-0965097727, 186 pages, 2008. $15. BUY NOW; Kindle $2.99 BUY NOW


Janet Faulk

These memories of a childhood in rural Alabama, will delight the reader with their humor and pathos. Anecdotes include, for example, serious commentaries about race to a daughter’s account of her mother getting ready for a Saturday night date. 

Print: 74 pages, 2001. $10 BUY NOW



A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood

Barbara Hughes

This book is a story – in painting, poetry and narrative. The story is about my healing from childhood sexual trauma. The first part of the book is the story in art of my childhood experiences, and the second part offers tools that helped me heal. My desire is that the book will direct others to a path of healing and encourage them in their journeys, as well as promote an understanding of the healing process and the cost of abuse. The story is one of pain and hope.

Print: ISBN 978-0984891580, 108 pages, available in Fall 2013. $22


Margaret Simon

During a writing project retreat in 2008, Margaret Simon wrote a poem entitled, “My Father’s Drawing” about a drawing by her father John Gibson. This poem expressed a longing in her to connect to her father through his artwork. Last Christmas, as she prepared to display the collection of her Dad’s Christmas cards, she was moved to write. Thus began the writing of more poems about her father’s drawings. She hopes the drawings and the poems illuminate hearts and draw readers to a meditation on our Savior’s birth. Inspired by sight of a quaint church in a snow-covered rural terrain in Austria, John Gibson captured the scene in a pen and ink drawing. He shared the drawing with friends in the form of a Christmas card, and the response was so positive, he and his wife decided to print a card of another drawing the next year, and the next, and so on it has gone ever since. Art is not just what John does it is his passion.

Print: ISBN 978-0989864114, 40 pages, 2013. $12