Diane Marquart Moore

Loring Air Force Base is in the remote, sparsely populated north woods of Aroostook County, Maine. During the 1950's, Jeanne Durand, a young Army wife living in a close-knit armed services neighborhood, turns amateur sleuth when her downstairs Canasta partner, Birdie Brun, is murdered. Jeanne suspects Birdie's abusive husband, Bill, who shot a hole through the floor of the Durand's living room upstairs. Jeanne finds no dearth of suspects. She sees Army MP Trey Fontenot lurking around her apartment. She discovers that Trey left voodoo conjuring agents in Birdie's apartment. Alan Greenbeck, a Mormon who lives with his family across the street, tries to convince Jeanne, a little too forcefully, that polygamy is a good thing.

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Diane Marquart Moore

Goat Man Murder is based on the unsolved murder of Miss Josephine Meredith committed in the 1930’s in Natchez, Mississippi. Prior to her murder, she shoots a goat whose owners live in a decaying antebellum mansion, Glendarrow, next to her imposing Meredith Manor. The eccentric “goat couple,” Jonathan Darrow and Miss Livy, love their goats and become suspects in Miss Josephine’s murder. But so does the bizarre Penelope, whose jealousy over her brother Donald’s affair with Miss Meredith leads her to contemplate suicide.

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Diane M. Moore

Kate Patton leaves her job as food editor the day her husband threatens her life while crabbing on Lake Pontchartrain. She flees to Roselea plantation in central Louisiana, a residence for artists and writers, where she plans to write about their special meat pies. At dinner, a writer is poisoned, and Amelia, a descendant of Congo Liz and a French Commandant, who serves the meal, points a finger at the owner's mentally disabled son, and several other boarders. A plantation worker is the second victim, and the police arrest a painter possessing a syringe with traces of cyanide. Kate solves the crime, discovering the interplay of voodoo and  resentment by the People of Color for loss of the Congo Liz’s plantation.

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Diane Marquart Moore

To assuage fears of ghost in his antebellum mansion, Hadrian perpetrates pranks. Those who have been the brunt of his tricks, shun him. Waverly, his wife of an annulled marriage, decades previously, swears vengeance. A starving art student, moves into the mansion. Hadrian’s man-servant, feels betrayed. Hadrian is pushed or falls from his second-story gallery and dies. Was he pushed? Is he dead?

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Diane Marquart Moore (Author) & Isabel Anders (Editor)
This short fiction introduces Malachi Marchand, a clinical psychiatrist—successful in his vocation, but unable to deal with his deranged wife, Virginia. The demands of Malachi's excruciating marriage lead him to attempt to cure her through exorcism. In this stand alone prequel to the novel, Chant of Death, the cataclysmic beginning of Malachi's vocation as Abbot of St. Andrew’s, a Benedictine Abbey in southern Louisiana, is revealed.

eBook: ISBN 978-0-9843150-8-6, 7700 words, 2011. $2.99. BUY NOW

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