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Lake Misere front cover for paperIn the mystery novel, Lake Misère by Jack Fairbanks, syndicated food editor, Pat Vincent, accepts an assignment from The Times Picayune to write a story about a famous Garfish Ball recipe from a locally renowned cook in the dying town of Shell Beach, Louisiana, during the spring Regatta. On her jog around Lake Misère the morning after arriving, she discovers a body hanging from a bald cypress limb. The victim is Jacob Snyder, the husband of Eulalie, creator of the famous recipe. Pat investigates the murder and finds a connection to the death of the director of a summer camp for boys at the defunct Holiness Camp and a decades-long history of dark crimes perpetrated by townspeople.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00073]Not even Lake Peigneur, an idyllic corner of Iberia Parish, Louisiana, is immune to the deadly effects of the illegal drug trade in Simon’s mystery novel, Blood in the Lake. When the body of the patriarch of the Boudreaux family is raised from the bottom of the lake, granddaughter Mandy Aguillard, an intern in the office of the District Attorney, is drawn into the hunt for his killer. Her boss, Tom Barnett, becomes her professional mentor and her love. Both the capital prosecution of a drifter for the murder and her relationship with Tom are jeopardized when her little brother discovers another body. Mandy and her brother become the hunted. Will Mandy discover the truth before one of them is the next victim?

Cover for A Strand of Beads, a book of poetry

A book of poetry by Diane Marquart Moore: Whether beads are used to mark repeated prayers, incantations, or devotions, over two-thirds of the world’s population uses them in religious practices. In A Strand of Beads, the majority of the poems focus on prayers addressed to Mary—rosaries said in praise and entreaty and for metaphysical/psychological reasons. Other beads, such as the Persian strand the poet received in Iran, focus on protection from negative energy and provide relief from stress. The lead poem features a rosary obtained from Dachau and tells the story about the marriage ceremony of two young people who choose to spend their honeymoon in southern Germany and Poland. When the couple brings the Dachau strand back as a gift for the poet, she experiences revelations while using it and wishes the couple had kept the rosary and used it to preserve their marriage. Whether writing about glass beads, precious stones, or wooden beads, Moore is always cognizant of the word “bede,” the old English word that means “prayer,” and of the cogent spiritual energy within each strand of beads.

Porch Posts by Diane Marquart Moore and Janet Faulk Gonzales is a book Porch Posts front coverto delight inveterate porch sitters, people who enjoy relaxing and meditating on a small porch or sitting with families and friends on Victorian style verandahs, telling stories and “taking the air.” These essays by two southern women who have long extolled the virtues of porch sitting include descriptions of various porches, stories told on, or centered around, the porches of childhood and later life. The vignettes are set on porches ranging from those fronting southern homes to two international porches in Iran and Qatar, from contemporary glass porches to the porches of Acadian history. The vignettes are quaint memoirs—some humorous, some tragic—but all should incite memories of good times and relaxed hours “just porch sitting.” The cover is a photograph of glasswork rendered by Karen Bourque of Church Point, Louisiana, and the text includes eight whimsical illustrations by Paul Schexnayder of New Iberia, Louisiana.


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